The song is a reminiscence of childhood, based on singer Luke Concannon’s memories; it is sung from the point of view of a young boy, travelling with his father on his JCB digger, listening to Christy Moore’s song “Don’t Forget Your Shovel”. Other references to Luke’s childhood in the song highlighted similarities to the author as they are both dyslexic, everything mentioned above is why the song was a perfect link to this story.

“JCB” (or “JCB Song”) is the second single from Nizlopi’s first album Half These Songs Are About You. The JCB Song became number one on the UK and Irish Singles Chart in December 2005.

In the 1960s, Mr JCB began the tradition of cool JCB stunts to publicise the company name. This is how the world-famous Dancing Diggers started. If you’ve never seen the Dancing Diggers before then take a look at the video above.

‘The Illustrator Crystal Rose Stott has filmed a timelapse of the front cover being painted with Nizlopi playing in the background to give you a glimpse behind the scenes’

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